4 pcs Raised Landing Gears with 4 pcs Protective Water Surface Floating Balls for DJI Mavic Air Drone

  • $39.90 SGD

As an extra precaution when flying over water bodies. Water bodies should be calm. 

SPECIAL NOTE: SGM Drones is not liable for drone damage during usage of item. 
Additional NOTES:
1. We do not recommend taking off / landing from water bodies even with the use of this item. 
2. If you have chosen to use this item, we strongly recommend using it in extremely calm water bodies. Any slight wave or disturbance will affect take offs and landings in particular. Even in clam water bodies, taking off and landing can be potentially difficult. 
3. Please ensure your country or location allows the use of such an item
4. Please ensure that the styrofoam landing balls are SECURELY fastened to the landing gear. You may choose to secure it more firmly by any reasonable methods especially after repeated use as the downward form created from the propellers are strong and may cause the styrofoam balls to fall off if not securely fastened. 
5. Users have the responsibility to ensure that the landing gear, especially styrofoam balls are in good working condition and securely fastened before flight. 


Weight: 44g
Compatible Drone Brand: DJI Spark
Package Includes: 4 piece legs, 4 piece styrofoam balls
Additional Information: 
Does not include drone, controller and other items for illustration purposes. 
Warranty: No

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