Detailed Shipping Information


Total required time for the item to arrive at your doorstep / letter box is the sum of Shipment Processing Time and Shipment Duration

Shipment Processing Time (Duration for your item to be dispatched to shipping courier)


Will be mailed out to Shipping Courier 
(Not the arrival duration)

Express Shipping to Singapore

Within 1 hour to 2 working days

Express Worldwide Shipping

Within 1 hour to 3 working days

Normal Shipping

Within 1 hour to 7 working days (usually 1 to 3 days)

Out of Stock

Nil – Contact us for special arrangement

Coming Soon

Within 2 working days of product is released

Custom Products / Bulk Orders

Please contact us /
Specified on products page

Some products may specify a longer waiting time (eg. Apparel products)

If you select Express Shipping to Singapore when your shipment address is outside of Singapore, your item will be shipped by Normal Shipping without any partial refund of your payment. If you select Express Worldwide Shipping when your shipment address is Singapore, you will receive Express Shipping to Singapore without any partial refund.


Shipping Methods

Products with – Express Shipping to Singapore (Timings exclude processing time)
By Singpost (You may be randomly upgraded to another service provider with 1 to 2 day shipping) 

Mailing Methods

Shipping Duration


Registered Mail – Singapore Post / May be randomly upgraded

2 – 5 Working Days


Speedpost Standard
Singapore Post

1 – 2 Working Days

Additional Fees - Email us before purchase

Speedpost Priority / Express – Singapore Post

Within 1 Day

Additional Fees - Email us before purchase

Self Collection

Contact for confirmation

5% off some item -
Email us before purchase

Home Delivery / Cash on Delivery / Meet up

Contact for appointment

Additional Fees - Email us before purchase

You may not be able to track your shipment in certain areas especially for lower cost items. If you have selected Express Shipping and your purchase value is less than 35 SGD (Singapore Address) or 50 SGD (Worldwide Address), your item may not be trackable. If you wish to track it, please select registered mail option or email us with your special request. 
Please note that with normal shipping, your order will likely be shipped out from our supplier/warehouse in China. However, in some cases, it will be upgraded to be shipped from Singapore using Express services. 


Products with Express Worldwide Shipment (Timings exclude processing time)
By Singapore Post (We may switch to other couriers without any prior notice if necessary) 

Country Of Destination (Major Cities/ Office of Mail Exchange)*

Estimated Delivery Time**
For Major Cities
(Working Days)

Ordinary Mail - Air

Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) Brunei

4 - 6

Darussalam (Bandar Seri Begawan) Canada

4 - 6


6 - 9

China, People's Republic of (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai)

6 - 8

France (Paris)

5 - 7

Germany (Frankfurt)

5 - 7

Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

3 - 5

India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kokata)

5 - 8

Indonesia (Jakarta, Batam)

5 - 8

Italy (Rome)

7 - 9

Japan (Tokyo, Osaka)

3 - 5

Malaysia* (Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu)

4 - 6

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

4 - 6

New Zealand (Auckland)

4 - 6

Philippines (Manila)

6 - 8

South Africa (Johannesburg)

5 - 7

Sweden (Stockholm)

4 - 6

Switzerland (Zurich)

4 - 6

Taiwan (Taipei)

4 - 6

Thailand (Bangkok)

4 - 6

United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

5 - 8

United Kingdom (London)

4 - 6

United States of America (San Francisco, New York, Honolulu)

6 - 8

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)

5 - 8

Other Destinations in Asia and Territories in the Pacific

5 - 10

Other Destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America

6 - 12



Normal Shipping
By any courier


Estimated Delivery

(In Weeks)

(By any available post)


2 to  5.5 (Usually 2 to 3)  


3.5 to 6


4.5 to 8


3 to 6

United Kingdom

4 to 7.5


7.5 to 8.5

South Africa 

6 to 8.5


3.5 to 6.5


2 to 4


5 to 8.5


6 to 8.5


5.5 to 8.5


3 to 7


4 to 8


3 to 7


4 to 8


1.5 to 8


2 to 4


1.5 to 3


1.5 to 3.5


4 to 8.5


2 to 5


3 to 5.5

Orders will not exceed 60 working days. If 75% of the estimated duration has gone by and you have not received your product or 45 days have gone by, please email us. We will do our best to locate your mail and contact the relevant parties. However we are not liable for loss of mail. If you have provided the wrong address, we are similarly not obliged to return a refund. 


You may have a look at our Shipping Information page for a simplified table
You may also refer to the FAQs section to see if you can find your answer there.